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Professionally Speaking-Sadoff E-Recycling June 2018

Skyrocket Sustainability Goals with Smarter Electronics Management

by Chad Hayes of  Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction   833.E-RECYCL

As technology for business continues to evolve, the improvements we enjoy can also result in a buildup of obsolete equipment. It’s alarming to think about the massive amounts of outdated technology in the world and where it all goes. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to help companies manage outdated electronics – and sometimes even get cash back in return!

At Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we’re big believers in educating others on ways they can not only make a difference, but can benefit from it, too. To make things easier and to help share a different perspective, we’ve compiled some helpful steps you can take as an organization to responsibly dispose outdated equipment.

Refurbish or Remarket

If it’s an option, refurbishing or remarketing your electronics are excellent ways to extend the life of materials and equipment. Doing this keeps materials out of the waste stream for a longer period of time. Plus, refurbishing and remarketing are easy ways you can swap these assets for cash (even when you’re stretched for time).


If remarketing or refurbishing aren’t options for your equipment, recycling will keep outdated equipment from piling up in storage closets and put them back into the electronics life cycle. More importantly, sending them to a recycling and data destruction center will prevent valuable company data from getting in the wrong hands. E-recycling is simple! Your company can have someone pick up outdated equipment for you, or you can drop it off at a recycling center. At the end of the day, you can even receive certification of data destruction.

Look for Certified E-Recyclers

When you use a certified electronics recycler, you ensure your outdated equipment is properly handled. Certifications exist to ensure e-recycling companies are safely recycling and managing electronics.

If you’d like to discuss ways your company can meet its sustainability goals while also getting rid of outdated equipment, visit or call us at (833) E-RECYCL.

Chad Hayes is Chief Technology Officer & Director of E-Recycling for Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction. He joined Sadoff Iron and Metal in 2015, where he oversees and leads the strategic planning and implementation of I.T. He combines 20 years of I.T. and business leadership experience with a passion for data security, making him the perfect choice to establish, build, and lead the Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction Company, a company of Sadoff Iron and Metal.