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Professionally Speaking October 2017-Verve, a credit union

Connecting the Dots with Another Advocate – a Private Banker – in Your Corner

by Chris Leitch of  Verve, a Credit Union     800.448.9228 ext. 3100

Private banking is defined differently across the financial industry, but at Verve, a Credit Union, our private banking sector provides personalized financial services and serves as a one-stop-shop. For example, if a member is looking for both a commercial loan and a mortgage, he or she has one point of contact – a concierge if you will – for a smooth experience for all banking needs. No bouncing between a commercial lender and a mortgage architect.

Finding just the right resources for your financial needs, private bankers are:

• Consultants with expertise spanning several banking sectors. By bringing a private banker into a variety of discussions – be it succession planning, identifying collateral for expanding a business or developing personal investment goals – you can benefit from another financial expert providing new perspectives.

• Experts who keep their eyes on the big picture. Private bankers team up with financial advisers and commercial lenders to help people reach their business and personal goals. Private bankers can help you make the most of your business plan by leveraging assets as additional capital for your business with an eye on the potential impact on taxes and accounting.

• A key source for referrals to additional services. Private bankers are very well-connected to the communities they serve and have access to a variety of other professional services – such as CPAs, attorneys and real estate agents – outside of the financial institution.

We know local businesses of all sizes make our communities thrive, and we’re committed to providing financial services to keep your business running smoothly.

Chris Leitch, vice president of private banking, provides leadership for a variety of member services at Verve, offerings that include residential and small business lending, consumer lending, depository needs and more. Founded in 1937, Verve, a Credit Union, is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative with more than $800 million in assets and serving over 56,000 members at 15 locations. Learn more at Federally insured by NCUA.