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All the discussion in Washington regarding the attempt to overturn and replace the federal Affordable Care Act reminds us of the opportunity missed when the controversial public policy was legislated back in 2010 – revamping health care in the United States would benefit far better by incentivizing Americans to improve their health than by creating a high-cost insurance backstop when people get sick or injured.

While it remains to seen whether or not new legislation under consideration in the nation’s capital will accept the lesson offered through the success of corporate wellness plans, many employers across the country and in northeast Wisconsin have taken matters into their own hands by controlling their group insurance health plan premium increases through measured strategies to improve the health of their employees. As a result, these companies have invested in healthier employees and their families, ultimately decreasing the frequency of chronic illnesses, encouraging more sensible use of health care dollars, and ultimately driving down group health care insurance premium increases.

B2B has been proud to recognize leading employer-based wellness programs since 2006, sharing with our readers the novel ideas and impressive results from more than 25 different corporate wellness plans.

Once again this year, B2B’s 2017 Corporate Wellness Awards sponsored by Network Health will highlight healthy employers across the region in four separate categories: small organizations from five to 50 employees; mid-size firms up to 250 employees; large companies with more than 250 employees; and finally, our Start Up Wellness Program Award for those companies just beginning their wellness journey who’ve already marked substantial success during their first two years.

We need you to share your company’s best practices in wellness programming by nominating it for our annual award. The nomination process isn’t overwhelming, and the staff member administering your company’s wellness program should be able to provide all of the necessary information with ease.

Nomination forms and award information can be found on our web site at The deadline for nominations is May 5, and winners will be announced and profiled in our June 2017 edition.